I am excited to have fun while improving my writing skills on a new adventure, a composition expedition. This blog will chronicle my improvement and share my experiences with my readers. It will include lessons in writing I have learned as well as several other posts and musings. I hope you will enjoy reading my work as much as I enjoy writing it.

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Goals for the New Year

I look forward to turning over a new leaf in 2015. Thank you, God, for an opportunity to start fresh! This year, I have several goals I hope to accomplish:

  • Finish the Bible. Last year, my aim was to read at least a chapter daily. This year, I want to complete what I have left (from Job on).
  • Spend more time with family. I want to play with my siblings, enjoy family game nights, visit the park, have picnics… Goal: at least three times weekly. I would also like to get outside more, so outdoor activities are definitely a goal.

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2014 Reflection

Wow, I really can’t believe 2014 is almost over! Where has the year gone?

At the same time, I’m really happy to start fresh. It’s been a stressful year of new experiences, a very full schedule, and various health complications for me as well as various family members. Here are some of the most memorable things I learned this year:

  • Don’t panic, God’s in control. This is a biggie. Between college classes, dance, my performing arts troupe, class activities, teaching a dance class, taking in more requests for choreography, new responsibilities at home, various injuries, Mom’s increased health complexity, etc. it’s been really important to try to keep my focus on the Lord, rather than drowning under pressure. I haven’t mastered the art of resting in the midst of a very hectic life yet, but I’m getting there.

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Happy Thanksgiving!


I’m thankful for the many things I have been blessed with. From all the wonderful opportunities I have had this year (education, teaching experience, being given the chance to perform as a member of a performing arts troupe, etc.) to the everyday gifts the Lord bestows on me (friends, family, teachers, a word of encouragement, salvation, a smile, electricity, etc.)I really can’t truly express my gratitude the the full extent they warrant.

What are you thankful for? Happy Thanksgiving, and may you also be filled to overflowing not just with turkey, but also with thankfulness!



Self Control

Something my Pastor said during his sermon stuck in my mind all week long.

“Self-control is God’s control of our ‘selves.'”

Wow. I know that personally, my perception of self-control is often the ability to restrain myself. It’s time to re-examine my definition, and make sure that any attempts at self-control are God centered, rather than Me centered.

Especially in the months of October to January, many in our country start to think about self-control. Often, Christians start praying for self-control. We pray that we will have the willpower to focus on our jobs or schoolwork so that we will have a restful break, that we will be able to enjoy holiday foods in moderation, that we will exercise good stewardship of our money, and follow through with our New Year’s Resolutions. Self-control is viewed by many as an individual’s inner strength that will enable him or her to meet their goals. But when was the last time we asked God to take control of our impulses and lead us on a path that will glorify him in our everyday lives? Continue reading

Family Time

There’s nothing like the love family  members share.

Every morning, I watch Barney with Bobby after Samantha and Daddy leave the house. Then, Bobby and Momma leave too.

All day I sit and wait for my family to return home.

Samantha reads with me every day after school. She brings me her latest novel and we explore new worlds together. Soon, Momma will join us. She will bring her knitting and work tenderly on a baby blanket, a winter cap, or maybe a scarf. Then she will leave, reminding Samantha to work on her homework until dinner.

When the smell of Baked Ziti wafts through the house, I know a delicious meal is ready.

The time passes slowly as I wait expectantly until bedtime. Continue reading